If you feed or are planning to feed your dog on Bakers Complete please read the following information and research further online:

I refuse to sell Bakers products and I discourage people from feeding their dogs Bakers because of the problems they encounter. Bearing in mind that Bakers is owned by a major American company (Purina); it is not available in the US because some of the ingredients are banned in America. The protein in Bakers Complete is in the form of meat and animal derivatives, this is low quality protein as it comes from less desirable parts of the animal such as the feet and the guts. It contains more sugar than most dog foods on the market. Bakers Complete is packed with additives, preservatives, food colouring and sugars.

There are many reports of various skin problems, hyperactivity, cancer, overweight and other health related problems, which are likely to be caused by feeding dogs additives.

Bakers Complete contains the following E numbers:

E320 – has shown increased stomach Cancer when fed to Mice and Hamsters and Liver Cancer when fed to Fish. In human studies it has been linked with urticaria, angioedema and asthma. Side affects mean that it can cause allergies, affect the brain, alter behaviour and even cause Cancer.

E321 – banned for use in food in Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Australia. The US has barred it from being used in infant foods. So bad McDonalds have voluntarily eliminated it from their products.

E310 – Banned from children’s foods in the US because it is thought to cause the blood disorder methemoglobinemia.

E172 – Banned in Germany

E132 – Can cause skin sensitivity, a rash similar to nettle rash, itching, nausea, high blood pressure and breathing problems. One of the colours that the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children. Risk of Brain Tumours. Banned in Norway.

E102 – TARTRAZINE – A trial on 76 children diagnosed as hyperactive, showed that tartrazine provoked abnormal behavior patterns in 79% of them. Also Kidney and Adrenal Gland Cancer Risk.

E110 – Sunset Yellow has been found to damage kidneys and adrenals when fed to laboratory rats. It has also been found to be carcinogenic when fed to animals

E104 – One of the colours that the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children. Banned in Australia, Japan, Norway and the United States. Liver Cancer Risk

E171 – Banned in Germany

Please consider carefully  whether or not to feed your dog Bakers products

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